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Sons+Daughters was born with the belief that each person holds intrinsic value and has the right to access basic resources. Driven by this, the label invests part of its profit toward providing clean and accessible water to places where it is scarce. Every piece created offers value and longevity - not only in the garment itself, but also in the wider goal to make a social impact 'for the good'.

Model: Shudia


Nature & Man Made

Aesthetically Sons+Daughters draws its inspiration from exploring the interplay or relationship between what the nature produces and man made objects. The tension, contrast, harmony and balance inform the forms and functions of the garment in relation to the human body. 


Sons+Daughters specialises in creating made to order pieces with customisable and bespoke styles that are tailored to fit the individual client. Each garment is created with close attention paid to the design, details and silhouette. Sons+Daughters combines the use of cutting edge technology and beautiful "slow fashion" craftsmanship to reconcile the relationship and distinction between Haute Couture and mass produced Ready-To-Wear garments.

Photographer: Danielle Edwards. Model: Jasmine Waters.