SKYLARK BY SHERIDAN JOYCE. SKYLARK is about conscious design offering mindful pieces with careful consideration of Zero-Waste design with Slow Fashion developed textiles.

SKYLARK is conscious design.

Progressing from the concept of 'sustainable design' SKYLARK is a brand producing mindful pieces that combine the careful consideration of Zero-Waste pattern design with Slow Fashion developed textiles. This design aesthetic has been adapted to a contemporary fashion context through the use of modern fashion technologies. Conceptually, SKYLARK is inspired by the clean feel of Nordic design and specifically the strong connection to nature. Norwegian folk art to seasonal landscape are the source of design development.

The process of creating with mindfulness is the essential progression of modern fashion. - Sheridan Joyce

SKYLARK .REFLEKTERE. 2017 Collection.

Model: Brooke Olsen, Photographer: Victoria Hunter at Light Hunter Photography,

Hair/Make-up artist: Simone Smith at Team Mermaid Make-up Artist.


Zero-Waste pattern layout of ALCHEMY piece by SKYLARK

Zero-Waste Design

The main patterning process used at SKYLARK to produce mindfully designed garments. The method involves designing garments in a way that when their patterns are laid flat they interlock together to use entirely of a given piece of fabric - thus minimising any waste through the production of the garment.

Details shot of embroidery on .VEIVISER. Top

Slow Fashion Principles

These principles are inspired by the Slow Fashion Movement that can be summarised as slowing fashion consumption down to choose quality of quantity. An interest in embroidery and traditional Nordic folk art has led this to be an important part of the SKYLARK aesthetic to create something precious.