Personalisation Service*

3 Steps, Private client, Re-order benefits.


Shop Online

You can order your personalised garment in two ways, from the collections or via bespoke service.

The Collections

Pre-order the garment by selecting designs available from the collections then select the Made-To-Measure from the sizing option to have the design made to your individual measurements.

Bespoke Service

Alternatively you can request to work directly with our designer to create unique garment, custom-made from scratch, designed and made only for you.


Get Measured

If you are new to our service please select where you want to get measured in person, at our design studio or your preferred locations (home/office). We will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up your first appointment.

Digital Body Scan

In order to create the prefect fit we work with our designers and businesses within KIYAKAYA to use the latest in 3D body scan technology to capture accurate measurements and create unique digital mannequin of each client.

The whole measurement take less then 60 seconds. Once it is completed you become one of our private clients.


We use a non-invasive infrared sensor technology, similar to those used in the game entertainment consoles (eg. xbox) or your TV remote control. Therefore it's safe to use for everyone.


Each scan captures thousands of data points to map the contours of your body in 3D and is accurate within 1.5cm. We generate fully custom patterns from the data in order to create your personalised garments.


Digitally Designed To Fit

To generate fully custom patterns to create personalised garment for each client.


Receive Your Garment

Being Private Client (benefits)

Get quick, easy measurements, find your fit and order with ease from the finest fashion retailers around. Give tailors precise measurements. Ordering custom-made clothing is now incredibly seamless.


3D Body Scanning; Digital mannequin; Digital pattern fit (CAD and 3D garment simulation); In order to perfect the fit of your custom bespoke garment we use an advanced digital tailoring processes that creates a digital mannequin for each client using 3D body scanning technology. 

A company with a stated aim of creating true-to-life 3D body models to support various b2b software applications.

Digital mannequin as body model.