No two women or men are exactly the same.

Get your custom made garment in three easy steps.

If you are a private client, ordering custom made clothing is now incredibly seamless. If you are a local independent designer, talk to us about opportunities that this service can open up for you!

* Please note that this service is currently available exclusively for clients located in Perth, Australia and surrounding areas.

Shop Online

Pre-order your garment from the designer collections or by requesting a bespoke service.

The Collections

You can pre-order the garment by selecting the designs available from the collections. Then select the Made To Measure from the sizing option to have them made to your measurements.

Bespoke Service

Alternatively you can request to work directly with our designer to create the garment bespoke, which will be unique, custom made from scratch, designed and made only for you.

Get Measured

If you are new to our service please select where you want to get measured to set up your first appointment with the designer in person. Each measurement takes less then 60 seconds.

Once completed we have you as a private client.


The 3D Body Measurement

In order to create the prefect fit we work with our designers and businesses within KIYAKAYA to use the latest in 3D body scan technology to create unique digital mannequin and capture accurate measurements of each client.



We use a non-invasive infrared sensor technology, similar to those used in the game entertainment consoles (eg. xbox) or your TV remote control. It is safe to use for everyone.


Each scan captures thousand of data points to map the body contours in 3D and is accurate within 1.5cm. We use this data to create or generate fully custom patterns for each client.

Digitally Designed To Fit

Fully custom patterns are created or generated using cutting edge parametric design systems. We use physics-based computer modelling to simulate true-to-life 3D garment on the client's digital mannequin from the 2D patterns. Here we can analyse the fit and any technical aspects of the design in the virtual environment before the garment is physically made to order. 

We take full advantage of advances in the field of computing in order to radically transformation the way we design, make and sell tailor made garment.

Receive Your Garment

The designs from collections have 3 weeks production time frame from the date of order. 

For Private Client

A Perfect Fit, Anytime 

Once we have you as a private client, ordering custom made clothing is now incredibly seamless. Given that we have your measurement and data, our designers can make any garment from their collections or bespoke to fit you, any time.

Get your entire wardrobe designed and made uniquely just for you!

For Our Designers 

The digital approach streamlines the product development process and when combine with made to order production, it eliminates the large startup costs to enter the marketplace. This model also largely reduce the overheads and inventory issues by eliminating the cost for physical stock keeping and issues of overproduction that are associated with the traditional clothing retail.

In order to create a bespoke or made to measure garment, the traditional way of pattern making heavily reliant on skilled human labour to draft or grade individual design by hand and often requires the need for multiple fittings. This approach can create inconsistencies and production bottlenecks. This is an area where we benefit from smart automation where custom patterns can be instantly generated from data, ready to plot or cut for production with precision to fit every clients, every time.