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Learn to make the four essential pieces that form the basis of any wardrobe collection. Each piece is designed to be custom made and fit perfectly!

A capsule wardrobe is timeless. A collection of staple pieces that you can dress up or down, mix or match to create an effortless personal style. It is the perfect antidote to an overstuffed drawers or exploding wardrobe filled with ill-fitting cheap outfits. Sometimes less is more. In this series of project based workshops you will work closely with our Tutor to construct the four essential pieces that will form the basis of your personal capsule wardrobe: tops, simple skirts, shift dress and well fitted trousers.

Workshop Overview: These workshops are designed for beginners. They run weekly over 4 weeks in a small group of 4 - 6 participants for a total of 14 hours. Prior to the workshop we will send you a selection of designs with style options to choose from. Custom fitted patterns for the designs will be created for each participant. You will be able to print and bring them for the workshops in order to complete the projects.

Timeline: In week 1 we’ll focus on creating tops follow by simple skirts in week 2, shift dresses in week 3 and well fitted trousers in week 4. The activities are organised for any beginners to master the fundamental skills for garment construction in stages.

The workshops runs from 26th February 2019 to 19th March 2019. Week 1 -2 on Tuesday at 6pm - 9pm and Week 3 - 4 on Tuesday at 6pm - 10pm. If you need more time we offer personal tutorial session on Wednesday & Friday from 6pm during the same period for a group or individual. This session is independent from the workshops. You must register separately to book access for Tutor and studio facilities.

Location: KIYAKAYA Design Studio, Australia. Unit D 439 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100.


Custom Fitted Designs

Each pattern is developed in house and custom made to fit you.

Register for the workshops by selecting the option to get measured. Using advanced 3D body scanning technology we create a custom digital mannequin to capture accurate measurements of each client. This is part of the KIYAKAYA Personalisation Service where we create or generate custom fitted designs from the client measurements using the digital process. Each measurement takes less then 60 seconds. You will get a set of high quality patterns to complete the projects.

We included this Personalisation Service as part of the workshops at NO extra cost!


Individual Goals

Personalise your project outcomes by selecting the designs that you want to make. A Tutor will help you organise the learning objectives and map your progress as you accomplish each goals. You will be able to clearly see all the skills and knowledge acquired and those that need to be developed.

We design and run the activities with the personalised view in a style similar to private tutorial lessons. It provides the opportunity to aline your interest and ability with the learning necessities at different stages of the project.


Skill Level: This workshop series is designed for beginners. If you haven’t sewn before and would like to master the basic skills and knowhow then start you journey here. You will take home a complete set of a personal capsule collection for your wardrobe that you have proudly made! Please note .. we DON’T include a licence for bragging rights.

What To Bring: Your preferred sewing machine. We provide a Makerspace and Sewing Studio equiped with the essentials such as cutting tables, industrial overlocker machine and professional ironing station. A comprehensive information on materials such as fabric, thread, stabilisers, patterns, and more will be provided before we start of the workshops. For health & safety reasons, you need to wear closed toe shoes, no thongs or sandals and long hair is to be tied back and no long necklaces or scarves worn during sewing workshops.