What is Bespoke?

Bespoke garment is unique, custom-made from scratch to the design specification and personalised to fit your body measurement and shape.

Designed and made only for you!


The Collections

All garments are produced by our independent designers from their collections of ready made designs on a made to order service.

They can be made to your measurements as well as for standard sizes.


Made to Order

Each garment is made on demand. We are changing the way you shop for clothing by giving you options to create personalised garments tailored to your needs from our independent designers. It allows us to implement new approaches in the way of design, sell and produce garments. 


Custom Style

Each item from the designer collections may include options for different fabrics as well as variation in designs and features. 


Each design can be tailor-made to fit your body measurements using our advanced digital tailoring service. Learn How It Works.


On Demand

We produce just in time for the demand generated from your online orders, offering the flexibility to customise or personalise each garment for the option that you have selected.

Minimal Waste

Each finished garment is delivered directly to you, without the need for store inventory. No excess items are produced that would be cleared at discount or thrown away.

Notes: Show process in pictures + short description.

Personalisation Service*

Designs For Made To Measure

Order The Design

(1) Order The Design

Pre-order customised design online at KIYAKAYA MARKET. To get your personalised garment select Made-To-Measure from the sizing option and your preferred location to Get Measured. 

Body Scan Measurement Icon

(2) Get Measured

Get Measured in person at our design studio or your preferred locations (your home/office). We will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up your Body Scanning appointment.

Product Delivery Icon

(3) Receive Your Garment

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* Please note that Personalisation Service is available exclusively for clients located in Perth, Western Australia.

Re-Order Online

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