LIEF originates from the love of exploration. It uses travel as a means to discover. The garments create relationships to people and cultures by fusing elements of tradition in the form of contemporary collections.

LIEF hopes to reinvent the notion of office wear that excites the wearer by creating a transitional garment from workwear to casual wear through a celebration of colours and traditional patterns.

Clothes that inspires you to escape and travel.

“To create garments from the love of exploration” - Manon Raath

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Elements of Tradition

LIEF explores elements in traditional garments such as embroidery, textile and dyeing techniques as inspiration for developing new garments to bridge the connection across cultures. It creates garments that start telling visual stories of the new, hybridized cultures.


The Essentials

Inspired by the world of travelers, LIEF creates capsule collections of multi functional garments in limited edition that can be worn for different occasions. LIEF aims to minimise the need for an extensive wardrobe by designing purposeful yet adaptable pieces - producing a smooth transition from workwear to social wear. 


LIEF - for the love of exploration

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