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At KIYAKAYA Learning Centre we focus on creating personalised learning experience. We design and run learning activities based on unique guiding principles to help everyone create custom and personalised garments.



Master your skills through projects, workshops and other learning activities. Work closely with our Tutors / Masters to accomplish individual learning goals throughout the course of the project. Our Tutors / Masters are practitioners in their chosen field. The learning activities are managed by coordinating, mapping and evaluating the key competency skills that you are developing at the Learning Centre. We designed progress assessments that are integrated within all the learning activities at all levels. Just like in the real world, we don’t do exams!



We go beyond the idea of ‘passing the exams or reviews’ to evaluate evidence of learning development and your ability to apply what has been learned in multiple ways. This personalised approach frees our learners from inflexible curriculum & timeline that are often guided by the way we learn at traditional school education.

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Early Bird Price: $365.00 AUD per person. MORE INFO | REGISTER HERE

Designed for beginners. A series of weekly project-based workshops over 4 weeks in a small group of 4 - 6 participants. Learn to construct four key pieces that will form the basis of any wardrobe: tops, simple skirts, shift dress and well fitted trousers. If you haven’t sewn before and would like to master the basic skills and knowhow then start you journey here.

Location: KIYAKAYA Design Studio, Australia. Unit D 439 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100