Advances in digital technology are transforming the way we make fashion. “Digital Couture Bootcamp” is a fundamental training program for students, graduates, makers and practitioners who want to master the digital skills and technology for creating custom/bespoke fashion.


What is custom/bespoke fashion? A bespoke garment is custom-made from scratch to the design specification and uniquely fitted to your body measurement and shape. We use the term “custom/bespoke fashion” for referring to items that are designed and made for individual body.

You will learn the fundamental skills for creating custom/bespoke garments based on parametric design principles using 2D and 3D fashion technology. Parametric design in this case refers to how we use computer techniques to translate data such as body measurements into garments made to fit the individual. Because Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools generally use similar parametric design principles, you will gain the transferable skills to master other softwares or digital tools beyond those that will be presented in this Bootcamp. The Bootcamp activities will also help you to incorporate these skills into your creative work.


You will learn the skills which include:

  • Applying parametric approach to garment design

  • How to set up the 2D - 3D project workflow

  • Principles of digital pattern construction

  • Dealing with outputs/inputs for different types of production

The Bootcamp is organised as a series of weekly workshops in a capacity of 2 participants for 6 weeks (1 x 3hrs/week). Each workshop will be delivered in two main focus sessions: 1) An introduction of concepts/principles, and 2) Hands-on practical projects. Each project is designed to help you make the link between concepts and their implementation in ways that show your skill progression. You will have the opportunity to complete a project to develop more complex design or your own design.

Students can use this training to build their professional portfolio experience. We can work with students to implement elements of “digital couture” into the graduate collection and other relevant projects. This training is also relevant to those recent graduates with newly established independent labels who wish to develop made to measure collections or to provide bespoke service. It is also ideal for existing technical designers or pattern makers wanting to up-skill by incorporating the digital approach in their professional practice. If you are makers for hobby or social sewing having these skills will give you much more freedom to create your own personal garments.


PRICE (Discounted): $795 AUD for Full-Time Students, Recent Graduates (< 3 years), and Makers. Please enter the code: DIGITAL19 to apply this discount.

What is included in the price? The workshops tuition Fee. You will take home the work completed for each project. It includes pattern library of blocks and designs you develop during the workshops, with information package that you can use as reference for your future works.

TIMELINE: RUNNING FROM 21 SEPTEMBER 2019 with workshops available for Saturday 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm. Sunday 10am - 1pm. Please select the time that suit you.

LOCATION: KIYAKAYA STUDIO. Unit D, 439 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, WA 6100. Click here for map to studio location.

PREREQUISITES: No prior experience in this field is needed. However it helps to have some familiarity with sewing patterns and garment construction.

MATERIALS: You do not need to buy or supply your own computer, because they will be provided during the workshops.

Content Overview


Week 1: What is digital couture

Introduction and terminology

Parametric approach to garment design

Grading from body measurements

What parametric design can and cannot do

Workshop: Working with interactive custom basic blocks and grading from body measurements


Week 2: From 2D to 3D

Introduction to project workflow

2D patterns for 3D digital design and visualisation

Toiling and fitting on digital mannequins/avatars

Making adjustments and testing for fit

Workshop: Creating basic blocks (bodice, dress, skirt and pants) with digital fitting


Week 3: Construction principles

Case study: Dart relocation & princess seams

2D flat pattern construction

Shaping/contouring and adding ease

Using drawing, constraint and interactive tools

Workshop: Dart relocation, creating princes seams and implementing fit adjustments in 2D / 3D


Week 4: Building basic styles

Case study: Basic flared skirts

Managing volume or fullness

Using spread for pleats, pivot open and close

Using construction parameter values

Workshop: Creating basic flared skirt with waistband, which include toiling and fitting on 3D digital mannequin/avatar


Week 5 & 6: Bespoke/custom production

Production ready patterns

Seam allowance, symbols and annotations

Outputs for printing, plotting and cutters

Conclusion: Digital couture for your creative practice

Workshop: Complete a full set of production ready patterns from options of more complex flared skirts or previous blocks