COR.D by Cordelia Gibbs. Garments as a medium to create a connection.

COR.D by Cordelia Gibbs

COR.D explores garments as a medium to create a connection to place. Connection that stems from a shared history, a story and the imprint of time. Exploring the language of traditional garment and imbuing time and place through textiles, COR.D looks to Australian cultural and natural landscape to form a sense of connection for the wearer.

Using garment as medium to create a sense of belonging. — Cordelia Gibbs



COR.D PAST.TENSE Collection 2017 for KIYAKAYA

COR.D Connection To The Land Natural dye processes

Connection To The Land

Cordelia works to imbue time and place into cloth through particular natural dye processes, developing unique textiles using native flora and rusted objects from the Western Australian Wheatbelt.

COR.D Connection To Culture

Connection To Culture

Cordelia is inspired by 'the story' and the history that garments encapsulate. She collects historical images, looking at the language of traditional dress and the meaning it brings, intrigued by garments that carry marks from their unique journey such as uniforms, workwear and well-worn clothing.