.REFLEKTERE. SKYLARK by Sheridan Joyce

SKYLARK .REFLEKTERE. 2017 collection is inspired by the tranquility of the Norwegian fjords. The collection's title is a Norwegian word for 'reflect', a consistently recurring notion in Nordic landscapes. The sense of calm mindfulness in these scenes intensifies their beauty. This consciousness has been reimagined through using Zero-Waste Design practices and textile production using embroidery technology with handworked elements to bring traditional Slow Fashion ideology into a modern fashion context.


PAST.TENSE COR.D By Cordelia Gibbs

The ‘past.tense’ 2017 collection explores the use of garment as a medium to create a connection to place. The work explores the language of traditional clothing while moving towards a contemporary street-wear feel and looking into androgyny and uni-sex design. Provenance is important and the process of textile development to highlight natural dying with native Australian Flora, and rusted objects scavenged from the farm.