We design & make custom, made to measure and bespoke fashion.

We believe that each person is unique and equal. We work with independent design labels based in Western Australian to integrate digital innovation in garment production, commerce, and brand development to support their creative and commercial practice with the focus to create custom and personalised garments. 


Why Made to Order

We create custom made garment bespoke, made-to-measure, as well as to standard sizing for limited edition in Australia. 

Custom Style: Each item from the collections may include options for different fabrics as well as variation in designs and features that you can customise.

Personalisation: Each design can be tailor-made to fit your body via our Personalisation Service using advanced digital technology. See How It Works.

On Demand: We produce each garment just in time to meet orders you have made online via the KIYAKAYA website. This mean we can offer the flexibility to customise or personalise each garment for the option that you have selected.

Minimal Waste: Each finished garment is delivered directly to you, without the need for store inventory. No excess items are produced that would be cleared at discount or thrown away.




Pasco House Building
Unit D, 439 Albany Highway
Victoria Park, WA 6100

Opening Hours: By appointment only

Email Contact: hi@kiyakaya.com